Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Dj Zsolti I have worked as a Dj and a pianist for the last 20 years.

The most important thing for me is to organize an event with the perfect sound, at the right volume, the perfect songs, the perfect
experience and the perfect atmosphere for you.

Party DJ

It’s a great responsibility to organize and to manage a cocktail party, a kids’ party, an informal business dinner, a students’ party, a birthday party, or a party after a sports competition. It can be a challenge to have everyone have a good time regardless of age, nationality or music preferences.

But a little attention to detail, flexibility and a lot of experience usually do the trick. If the first song doesn’t work I will look among my songs until we have a party.

I’m not very popular with the restaurant’s staff because with me a party goes on until sunrise.

The same as marines, I arrive first I leave last and leave no man behind.

Wedding DJ

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life.
Your wedding is equally important for me and
I will discuss all the little details with you.
I will set up all the necessary equipment at all the venues.
If you ask me to act as the master of ceremonies as well I can create the right atmosphere everywhere from a moving
wedding ceremony to a lively party all through the night.
If needed I can welcome guests, give directions or make announcements.
My favorite job is to involve everybody using different activities:
dancing games, congas, tambourines, fancy dress-up and of course everyone can request their favorite song.

Available services:

–       video Dj / music with video clips on a large led screen/
–       sound amplification of wedding ceremonies /loudspeakers, microphones, amplifiers/
–       garden parties with battery powered equipment
–       street parties with mobile equipment
–       master of ceremonies

Sound amplification of events

Optional loudspeaker decorations in different colours



Light brown



Numark ns6 dj controller
Numark ns7 dj controller
Macbook Air 13″ 2012.
Macbook Pro 15″ 2017.

1 db Denon Envoi

2 db Mackie Sa1530z
2 db Mackie Swa1501
2 db Mackie Srm 450
2 db Mackie Srm 350
4 db Electro voice zlx 15p

Sound mixer :
Dynacord cms 1000

Wireless microphones:
Sennheiser Ew 1000 g3 
Karaoke microphones


2 db 50″ led tv
Stage scaffolding for the video screens

Lights :
Chauvet kinta
Chauvet dj clubmix 2.0
Moving heads
2 db solo 250
Dmx controller Neo neon club 12 joy
Fog machine
Chauvet dj hurricane 1300

Party props:
Grass skirts
Fake guitar

Solo Piano


Telephone: +36 30 598 8022
E-mail: djbartazsolti73 [at] gmail.com

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